Category: Drawing
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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DEZGO is an Android application for accessing an image generation service based on a textual description. It uses a neural network pre-trained on a data set.

Image generator

The neural network can work in two modes. In the first case, all the necessary information is specified in the text. You can specify the style of images, a set of objects, environment and so on. Also, another image can be used as input data. In this case, the neural network will completely redraw it and make it unique. The platform uses 9 different models to create pictures in different styles. This expands the possibilities of the platform - it can be used by webmasters, artists, sellers and many others. Scaling function is supported. You can increase the resolution of the original image and, if necessary, increase the detail. It should be taken into account that for large images it may take some time to create a picture.


Registration is not required to access the basic functionality. It is enough to launch the application and enter the required request in the corresponding field. It is recommended to briefly specify all the features of the desired image. The program allows you to simulate a painting with paints, photorealism and so on. A panel with additional options is provided for specifying the mode of operation of the neural network. In particular, you can specify how strictly the prompt should be adhered to. In some situations, you can give the algorithm more freedom of action. A paid version of the program is provided, for activation it is necessary to subscribe. A number of new features are added, including the ability to edit the resulting image. Also available is the mode of creating a video based on text.


  • image creation based on text query;
  • detail enhancement feature;
  • different styles are available;
  • advanced functionality is available as part of a subscription.
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