Big mp4

Big mp4
Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Big MP4 is an Android app that allows you to process videos using AI. An extensive set of tools are available that allow you to scale videos, improve detail, colorize, remove artifacts, and more. The model used is pre-trained based on different types of media files, which enables different tasks. To access the functionality, you need to pre-register with an email address. No personal information is requested. By default, a free trial period is activated, which ends after 30 days. There is also a limit - no more than 30 files per day, the size of one file is no more than 10 megabytes. This volume is quite enough for full familiarization with the package features. To expand the functionality and remove the limitation, you need to subscribe. The description of the paid mode and payment methods can be found in the help section. Also in the menu there is a description of the main tools and the capabilities of the used neural network. There is a collection of ready examples for familiarization.


Neural network allows you to increase video resolution up to 8K. At the same time, you can activate noise reduction and increase the frame rate. This allows you to maintain clarity when zooming. The slow motion effect is provided, which creates smooth transitions. Neural network allows you to recognize objects in the scene and colorize monochrome recording. Similar functions can be applied to GIF images and animations. Additional options allow you to adjust the brightness and color scheme, if necessary, which is optimal for a given video.


  • neural network for video processing;
  • coloring mode for monochrome videos;
  • registration is required to work;
  • large selection of options;
  • multi-language interface;
  • free download.
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