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Image to Music

Image to Music
Category: Players
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Image to Music is an Android application that allows you to generate music based on a specified image. It utilizes a pre-trained neural network to get the job done.


The online service is based on deep neural networks, a generative art mechanism is used, which ensures the creation of original musical compositions. At the initial stage, image recognition is carried out, and the obtained data are transferred to the audio generation module. A built-in file manager is provided for downloading content. In the process of work, the neural network takes into account different features of the image. This can be the background, predominance of colors, objects, overall composition and so on. By creating the right rhythm and timbre, visual and emotional features of the picture are transmitted.


The program uses a simple interface, users without special skills can use the platform. It is enough to upload the source image and specify the basic parameters. All major formats are supported. The creation process may take some time. It is worth considering that the picture must contain certain images, otherwise the track will not be generated. For example, if the picture will be the sea, then a calm melody will be obtained, if the fire - respectively, the track will be more dynamic. After finishing the work, the file can be saved in WAV format to a local directory. This will allow you to run it in any player. The built-in manual allows you to quickly get used to the program interface, understand the available tools, find a detailed description and start working on a new project. There is a selection of useful recommendations and step-by-step instructions for different situations. In case of errors, you can contact the developer.


  • The platform uses AI to generate music;
  • image is used as input data;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • track is saved in WAV format;
  • free download.
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