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Vulcan Runtime Libraries

Vulcan Runtime Libraries
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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Vulcan Runtime Libraries are libraries created for NVIDIA cards (the latest modifications are meant). Their purpose is evident from the name itself. That is, the need for them arose because of the addition of API-Vulkan support to Windows. The libraries can be distributed separately from the software (for GPUs). However, their functioning without software is excluded.


VRLs are intended to ensure correct execution of graphics commands in compatible applications. The need in libraries is felt by developers who plan to implement Vulcan technology. By the way, the universal interface is used both for games on Windows and for applications on Android and iOS that involve the use of three-dimensional graphics.

More information about Vulkan API

This interface became, so to speak, the successor of OpenGL. It is supported in many popular games. Proceeding from the fact that with the help of Vulkan you can achieve good performance, we can conclude that it is promising to implement the API in many projects related to the game industry, which is eloquently evidenced by the fact that the most popular engines (id Tech, Source 2) are trying to get support for this interface. In addition to the increased level of performance, especially felt on computers released a few years ago, the interface provides the highest level of detail.


Vulcan RT is installed automatically. The installer checks for other libraries in memory. If any are detected, the process of their removal is started. You can also use Vulcan RT to initiate uninstallation using standard methods provided by the operating system protocol.

About the main features

  • Vulcan API graphical commands are executed in a highly correct manner;
  • libraries are included with new versions of video card drivers;
  • compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and modern GPUs;
  • installation process is automatic;
  • the product is freely available.
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