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Libraries and components

Playnite Playnite
Playnite is a specialized program that is designed to combine available game directories. Thanks to it, you can launch game projects from Origin or Steam. It can be installed on a device that
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LAME is a popular audio codec for Windows, used to convert audio to MP3 format recordings. It is distributed with open source code, which allows you to integrate the module into your own projects. It
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bugslay dll bugslay dll
bugslay dll is a necessary component, without which it is impossible to perform a normal pass of the game Bilzkrieg. The component itself is a dynamic library connected by the game during the
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avformat 58 dll avformat 58 dll
The file avformat-58.dll is a dynamic library and is part of the popular FFmpeg package. It provides work with audio and video, and can also be used by third-party editors.ErrorIf the application
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HEIF is a Windows application for opening images with appropriate extension. It is implemented as a plug-in, its own graphical interface is not used. Format propertiesThe HEIF standard allows using a
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lame dll lame dll
The lame.dll file is a Windows system library that is used by external applications to work with sound and convert files to another format. It allows you to choose conversion parameters and work with
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comctl32 dll comctl32 dll
The comctl32.dll component is a Windows plug-in library, installed together with the Common Control Library package. It is used by some games and programs during operation. If an application cannot
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Script Hook V Script Hook V
Script Hook V - Windows application for running mods and scripts in GTA V. Built-in set of libraries that allow you to activate ASI-scripts. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for making
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xrnetserver dll xrnetserver dll
The xrnetserver.dll file represents a part of the operating system and is implemented in the format of a dynamic library for Windows OS, which is used by some games. The component provides startup
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vcruntime140 dll vcruntime140 dll
vcruntime140 dll is a system component that is absolutely required for the operation of some video games. It contains important libraries, without which a certain set of programs will not be able to
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