Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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noteit is an interesting utility based on a fascinating idea of communicating with other users using stickers and pictures. To use the features, you will need to add a widget to your desktop, and then select various pictures on it, which you can send to other users.


To communicate, you need to find those who will also have the noteit utility installed on your smartphone. This can be your relatives, friends, children and anyone else. Then the utility will allow you to send pictures that you will draw yourself, or find on the network. In addition, the application allows you to record a short video, which will also help to convey some interesting information. As you can see, the utility is designed for entertaining communication, not informative. Also note that noteit allows you to add a widget to the main screen of your smartphone, which will allow you to instantly receive responses from other users, as well as send them yourself. This is extremely convenient, as you won't need to log into the messenger every 5 minutes to check messages. Note that you can contact other users by phone number, as in any other messenger. The program itself will scan contacts from the phone book.


If you want to draw a picture yourself, you can do it with the built-in graphic editor. There are many brushes and pencils in it. You can draw not only with your fingers, but also with a stylus. The user can use ready-made graphic elements, add inscriptions, stickers and so on. In this regard, the built-in editor is very advanced.

Main features

  • The program is designed to communicate with other users using pictures and short videos;
  • To communicate, you need to enter the other user's cell phone number;
  • There is a built-in graphic editor, with which it is possible to draw your own pictures;
  • Acts as an entertaining messenger for communicating with pictures.

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