Jolly Dog

Jolly Dog
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 91


Jolly Dog is an entertainment utility that was developed based on the needs of pets. This interactive game helps pets to hunt small animals by clicking on the display. It is a great tool for cats and dogs to have fun in their leisure time. The pets are required to complete certain tasks and unlock numerous prizes. If desired, users can play this game themselves.


When the program is launched, you need to go to the game mode, after which virtual small animals will appear on the display. They need to be caught by clicking on the desired area of the screen. On the left in the corner will be displayed the amount of prey that was caught by the favorite. Over time, the virtual animals begin to move faster, and the levels gradually become more complex.


The main distinguishing feature of the application is interactivity. It has sound and visual effects that help to make the game processes more exciting. You can also adjust the volume and vibration. The software also offers different costumes for digital animals. Due to this, you can personalize them.

Bonus points

When the level is successfully completed, the pet will be offered to open a surprise. To do this, you need to press on the box and hold your paw for a short period of time. For example, different virtual bones, toys, balls or treats can fall in. Thus, the game encourages the pet with various privileges. In general, there is nothing complicated in the gameplay, so the animals will not have any problems. The game will immediately attract with its brightness and fascination.


  • A great tool for pets that can hunt virtual prey;
  • free distribution of the program on android gadgets;
  • the presence of sound accompaniment and animation effects.

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