Authy 2

Authy 2
Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 168


Authy 2 is an Android application that allows you to take full advantage of two-factor authentication. This mode allows you to increase the security level of your account through additional login confirmation.


Two-factor authentication is supported by many modern services - social networks, email services, messengers and so on. The program allows you to implement various protection schemes. You can add secret questions, PIN codes, passwords, and much more. The login mode is supported after confirming access to a cell phone or token. If a biometric scanner is available, it can also be used for authorization. Voice and fingerprint recognition is supported.


After installing the application, it is necessary to authorize by cell phone number and email, and then enter the verification code. At the next step it is required to go to the official site of the service and create a new account. After the successful login the site will generate a QR code, which should be scanned by means of the smartphone camera. Confirmation is performed automatically, no additional configuration is required. Backup copies of keys are automatically saved in the cloud. This allows you to quickly synchronize data between different devices. It is enough to log in to the account and confirm the download of data. The description notes that verification codes are generated directly on the mobile device. This allows you to receive them without access to the network. Beginning users are recommended to study the help section. This will allow you to more quickly master the functionality of the program and avoid errors in the process of configuration.


  • two-factor authentication;
  • synchronization with cloud storage;
  • QR codes support;
  • biometric sensor can be used;
  • free download.
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