Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 327


FreeOPT is a useful utility that protects profiles by providing them with one-time passwords. Thanks to it, you can connect additional two-factor authentication for various web portals. Thus, the presented application significantly improves the security system of accounts and Internet accounts.


The software gives you the opportunity to use an open-source token on a free basis. It is ideal for two-factor authentication, as it involves specialized algorithms. Thanks to them, you can set up a one-time password login. The program was designed to increase the security of profiles. It can request passwords that can be applied together with the corresponding data. Due to this, the risk of hacking is significantly minimized. The utility itself is capable of generating free passwords even when the mobile device is in airplane mode.


The software improves the protection of profiles on various sites comma including Yandex, google , facebook and so on. If the need arises, it can be connected to a private corporate system. This is relevant when it works with standardized protocols. In general, the application is completely open and free, and also function under a license. To connect one-time passwords, you need to enter certain information, and then pick up different parameters.


  • Providing high-quality and reliable protection for any account;
  • the ability to use a variety of web sites;
  • availability of qr-code scanner;
  • the program functions not only online and offline, but also in airplane mode;
  • possibility to download and use the utility for free;
  • compatibility with Android smartphones.
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