Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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ThinkDiag is a software that gives motorists the ability to diagnose their cars. The application is compatible with more than a hundred car models. To use the utility, the user needs to purchase an adapter of the same name.


In order for the mobile utility to conduct a vehicle check, a person needs a proprietary adapter. Synchronization between the equipment and the program is carried out via Bluetooth technology. After successfully establishing a connection between the devices, the software will show the user the detailed characteristics of his car.

Personal profile

Diagnostics can be performed without registration. However, an account is required to access the community tab built into the utility. It can be created using e-mail or an account Facebook or X a profile is also required if you want to buy the full version of the program to access additional features.

Car diagnostics

The utility has a lot of useful functions. These include:
  • Resetting the oil change interval;
  • Checking various error codes and then resetting them;
  • Remote check through the service department;
  • Checking the vehicle's main systems;
  • Diagnostics of electronic controls and so on.
In addition, the software is able to create reports on the current state of the vehicle. The utility also has an archive where you can check the history of previous diagnostics.


  • Free utility, compatible with a large number of Android versions;
  • The program requires a proprietary adapter;
  • Some tools must be purchased;
  • Ability to check the state of the car;
  • Availability of Russian-language localization of the interface;
  • Support for more than a hundred car models;
  • There is a community section where you can communicate with other car owners.
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