Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Minimalist is an Android app that is a task scheduler with a simple interface and lots of features. You can create new projects, add tasks and control their fulfillment. There is an option to create a shopping list.

Task list

The user can create different projects to divide tasks. For example, it is possible to divide personal and work space. The program allows you to choose the design and add comments. The icons at the top of the window are used for switching. After entering the project, you can work with tasks - check fulfillment, delete and add new items. Sorting by different parameters is available, and an additional panel is used for switching. The text style can also be changed, which allows labeling elements for easy perception. For example, the user can highlight important events or prioritized tasks. To mark the execution, it is enough to click on a special field to activate a check mark. It is possible to switch to the editing mode. During the creation process, it is possible to add subcategories - they will be highlighted visually and located under the parent element. Gesture control is supported, available options are collected on a separate panel. It is worth taking into account that there is no built-in calendar. There is no possibility to assign a task for a certain date and receive a notification.


The options allow you to change the appearance of the start page. You can use the project display mode or display all current tasks in a common ribbon format. A dark theme is provided, which makes it easier to work at night.


  • Task scheduler with a simple interface;
  • you can divide tasks by different projects;
  • quick highlighting of already solved issues;
  • dark theme is supported;
  • free download.

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