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Router Scan

Router Scan
Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Router Scan is an application that can be downloaded absolutely free. It scans routers if they are within range of a Wi-Fi adapter. Such an adapter is mandatory for this utility. Without it, it will not work. But not all adapters will fit. If they are connected with a USB cable, there may be some compatibility problems when connecting them.


Most often Router Scan utility is used to get information about the router manufacturer, network strength in decibels, as well as help about the WAN link. But this is not all that can be found out using this program. The user can also find out information about the access points SSID, key phrase, and other information about the security mechanism. This is information about WPA, or WPA 2. Router Scan is also suitable for hacking routers. If you have a Wi-Fi adapter and this program, you can find out the router password. This process is called brute force. To perform it, the program uses a built-in dictionary. The words are swapped one by one, trying to find the key. Frankly speaking, this type of hacking can not boast a high success rate. But besides the dictionary, there is a second method of hacking. For it, the program uses some vulnerabilities present in the protection system of routers. This is a more reliable tool, but it is suitable only for some router models.

Additional tools

The application has some additional functions. They are necessary to provide more convenience to the user. For example, you can create a CSV table, this table is required for convenient storage of the received data. These tables can then be filtered. There is also a debugging record of TCP packets. You can also import data that provide other programs. The program is constantly being improved. The developer adds new dictionaries to increase the chance of cracking. Information about new router vulnerabilities is also added.

Key features

  • Thanks to the application, the user can get information about the nearest access points;
  • Can hack some routers;
  • There is its own database with recorded vulnerabilities of some routers, to hack them. But the number of routers that can be hacked is still not very large;
  • You can conveniently place the obtained data in tables, and filter them later;
  • Router Scan can be downloaded for free.

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