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AdGuard AdGuard
AdGuard is a software that allows you to get rid of annoying ads. Without the presence of this tool, it will be difficult for you to rid your browser of constant ad banners on your own. This struggle
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Adblock Plus Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus is an extension for web browsers that allows you to block ads. Adblock Plus is now widely popular and is the most frequently downloaded browser plug-in. This blocker is so famous that
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Hamachi Hamachi
Hamachi is a software that allows you to connect several PCs into one virtual network. The program installed on your computer allows you to connect not only Desktop devices that are close to each
  • 60
Connectify Connectify
Connectify is a special software that turns an ordinary desktop or laptop into a wireless access point for connecting to the Internet. Quite handy in some cases. UsageSuch solutions - very useful
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Acer Care Center Acer Care Center
Acer Care Center is an application that can be used to perform a complete diagnosis of Acer laptops and optimize their operation. The program allows you to monitor in real time all the processes of
  • 60
SpeedFly SpeedFly
SpeedFly is definitely a useful application, for owners of special modems that allow you to connect to the Internet. The speed of surfing, as well as watching various videos will increase
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namebench namebench
Namebench is a special software for optimal selection of high-speed connections. The program works with DNS servers and selects the fastest ones. The application is designed for users with low
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Leatrix Latency Fix Leatrix Latency Fix
Leatrix Latency Fix is a program with which you can get rid of unwanted freezes in gameplay caused by high ping. Even infrequent and small freezes, at first glance nothing terrible, but in an online
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PdaNet PdaNet
PDANet is a program that allows you to broadcast the Internet from your smartphone to your computer. This is necessary for PC owners, because on laptops you can connect to your phone with a Wi-Fi
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DNS Jumper DNS Jumper
This software solution is very useful if you are tired of constant freezes and waiting for a video or Internet page to load. DNS Jumper is a utility that allows you to significantly increase your
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