USB Burning Tool

USB Burning Tool
Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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USB Burning Tool is an official application that allows you to flash portable devices. It is only possible to flash devices based on amlogic processors. Despite the fact that this utility is an official solution from the developer, it works quite poorly. Sometimes the utility can not even recognize the device, due to software errors. And to fix the problem, you need to install left drivers, which is not very good for your computer. But if you set aside these shortcomings, then using USB Burning Tool is quite easy.


As mentioned above, the application is used to update the firmware on devices that are based on the amlogic processor. It should be noted that this CPU is installed in inexpensive TV set-top boxes, receivers, players and other similar equipment. Not all of them can be flashed, because some devices have no USB port. This is a problem, because you need it to connect to a computer. In addition to connecting, you will need to find the firmware on the Internet. This can be done on various forums, as well as the official website of the developer.

Working with the program

It is not very difficult to work with the utility. You need to launch it and assign the path to the firmware. To do this, click on the "File" button and then click on "Import image". After importing the firmware, you should pay attention to the right panel. There you will find three checkboxes with different values. Most of the time, all of them should be unchecked. But still, find the manual for your device on the Internet, so that the flashing will be successful. When all the settings have been made, just press the "Start" button and then connect the device to your computer. The program will recognize it after a few seconds, but sometimes failures may occur. In this case, you will need to install third-party drivers. If everything is normal, the flashing will take 5 to 7 minutes. USB Burning Tool can be downloaded for free directly from the official website. There is no Russian localization here.

Key features

  • Burning Tool flashes devices based on Amlogic processors;
  • Only firmware written as an IMG file is available for installation;
  • Software update is performed automatically;
  • Requires connection to a computer via USB cable;
  • Detailed log is kept during firmware update.

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