Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Flashtool (may also be distributed under another name - SP Flash Tool) is a completely free application from the well-known company MediaTek. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of processors for mobile inexpensive devices, which are used by most users. This program is the official and the only one of its kind for normal and high-quality flashing of most phones and tablets, has support for almost all devices that use the MediaTek chip. Suitable for use not only for firmware updates, but also to restore the functionality of the mobile device in case of an unexpected "crash" firmware and failure to turn on for this reason. It can help in case of incorrect flashing of the device with another program, such "bricks" are faced by all specialists working on restoring the functionality of portable devices. You can install and start using this program in just a couple of steps. After installation and connecting the mobile device to PC via data cable, you need to specify the firmware file and Scatter-file required for flashing (which is usually in the same folder as the unpacked firmware). Flashtool can install any firmware, both downloaded from official manufacturers and third-party firmware, which can be downloaded on various forums of specialists engaged in re-flashing of mobile devices and recommending a particular file (offered for download).

but, with a careful search, you can find and use all the functions of this application, it will be able to cope with it and a beginner who has never used similar programs.

  • Key features
  • Almost any mobile device with a MediaTek chip can be flashed with this program;
  • Presence of all necessary drivers;
  • Conducts RAM tests;
  • OTP parameters are determined by the program;
  • Firmware installation is fully automated;
  • Supports various firmware variants - official and unofficial;

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