Category: Recording
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Dxtory is a handy program for creating screenshots in games. It offers many additional features that allow you to take high quality screenshots. Allows you to capture a picture from the view, supports DirectX and OpenGL.

How it works

The presented program has extensive settings that allow you to create high-quality screenshots and record directly while playing games. In addition to the standard features that will be understandable to the average user, there are additional features designed for professional PC users.


The recording process in Dxtory is enabled in a rather standard way. In this case, the user should open the application tab, where active processes will be displayed, and select one of the necessary ones. Before starting the process, it is recommended to specify the path where the finished files will be saved during the broadcast. To get screenshots, there is an option to use "hot" keys, and you can also set the automatic creation of screenshots, which will be created after a certain period of time. The user can scale the resulting drawings, as well as choose the format for saving them. Video is recorded with Dxtroy using built-in codecs like ffdshow, and you can also use other codecs supported by the application. In the settings you can choose the format of video saving and adjust the FPS. All these settings are designed for the average user. But if you have more knowledge, we recommend going to the Advanced settings section. Here you can put limits for FPS, customize the video card and more.

The most basic

  • Dxtory is a program designed to create screenshots and record video from gameplay;
  • A lot of additional functions to customize the quality of the picture;
  • Ability to use "hotkeys";
  • Automatic creation of screenshots after a certain time;
  • There are settings for the average user, as well as a section for professionals;
  • Ability to zoom and select the format of saved files;
  • Creates high quality snapshots;
  • The application requires NET Framework 4.0 ;
  • only the demo version is considered free.

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