.NET Framework

.NET Framework
Category: Libraries and components
System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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.NET Framework is a software that was developed by Microsoft, it will be useful for all users who want to run applications that support .Net technology. The latter, modern realities are becoming more and more, due to this and the demand for this software is growing. The program is a huge package of programs, which contains various libraries, classes, and other tools, it will be useful for working with the above described not utilities. It is worth noting that many developers pre-build this software in the installer of their program. Thus, during the initialization of the software you automatically get on your computer .NET Framework. Some developers do not do this and therefore the user has to download and search for the program himself. It is worth remembering one important fact, the program has many versions, so you need to clearly know which one is necessary for your case. Because if you install a later or earlier version, the project with support for .Net technology simply will not function properly. Between versions of the .NET Framework can occur conflicts, you should also keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary problems with the use of software. After you run the .NET Framework installer, you will be prompted to install three of its components, after the agreement will begin automatic installation of data.
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