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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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Snapchat - this messenger for phones and tablet devices is among the most popular in the world.

Sending messages

Unlike most clients that are more focused on chatting, this messenger doesn't have that emphasis. The main focus of the app is users who prefer to share snapshots and videos with subscribers. The user sends their personal content rather than content that is taken from the internet.


The creators of Snapchat bothered about the issue of privacy, so all paranoid people can be absolutely calm. The main trick is that by sending a photo or video you can set a self-destruct timer. If the timer will not be set, the attached file will be deleted immediately after viewing the conversation partner. Repeated viewing is not provided, but there is a possibility to make a screenshot. After the interlocutor takes a screenshot, the sender will be instantly notified of his action.

Built-in editor

Snapchat has quite a large set of various effects, lenses and filters. The created photo can be decorated or captioned before sending. You can also send a photo directly from the camera. In this case, with the messenger, you can use filters and effects at the moment of creating the photo.

Key features

  • ability to start a timer to automatically delete all sent attachments;
  • the ability to add a text inscription to the photo;
  • built-in function of screenshots of received photos and videos;
  • built-in editor that allows you to add additional details to the photo;
  • the ability to subscribe to other users, put likes and view news;
  • you can take photos on both the rear and front cameras;
  • the app can be installed on iOS and Android;
  • the ability to send snaps both to individuals and to post them to "History";
  • the ability to add friends from contacts in the phonebook, as well as through the "Add Nearby" feature, which scans users nearby based on geolocation data;
  • various and quite funny effects, such as cat ears, masks, glasses, butterflies and many more.
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