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Epson Adjustment Program

Epson Adjustment Program
Category: Print
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Epson Adjustment Program is a program that "resets" the ink indicator on Epson printers. In the utility you can disable the indicator that shows the ink level and disables the "pad" of the device. The program provides a full-fledged data reset and disables the counter of the absorbent "pad". Many users call it a "diaper". Externally, this pad resembles a "diaper". It absorbs printer ink that is used up during the printing process. The program removes statistics from the cartridge while pumping the nozzles. This operation is performed for automation when the printer uses a continuous ink supply "SNHR". The utility is suitable for resetting any cartridges of "Epson" printers. If necessary, you reset non-original cartridges and receive notification of clean cartridges. When you reset a cartridge in the normal way, you will see a message about finished ink, although the cartridge is completely full. In such cases, use the "pumper reset". The program can be used instead of the well-known utility PrintHelp


the program is available in different versions that are suitable for Epson printers. This version of the utility resets L110, L210 and other models. To reset ink metering on X30 and X40 versions, log in to the printer maker's website.

Using the program

The utility does not support Russian localization. The interface is simple and clear even in English. After launching the utility, press the "Select" key and select the printer model. Then select the port. When one printer is connected to the computer, it is desirable to select the "Auto selection" option. After that you need to return to the main window and click "Particular ajustment mode". Next, you need to select "Waste ink pad counter". Then put marks in the opened window and click "Check". Wait until the utility detects the ink pad counter and shows the parameter 100%. Check the box next to this item and click on "Initializtion". Then the program displays a window and asks you to turn off the printer. When you turn on the device, you will see a message about resetting the "pampers".

Key features

  • resets the ink "counter" for the absorbent pad;
  • supports work with Epson printers;
  • no Russian localization;
  • is distributed on a free basis;
  • the program shell is simple and clear.
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