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System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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BeeTV is a program developed by the official Beeline operator. It allows you to watch TV programs directly from your mobile device. It is also possible to connect it to a Smart TV. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV series at any convenient time.


If you live in Kazakhstan, and use the mobile operator Beeline, then you should definitely install BeeTV. Thus, your smartphone or TV can be turned into a good cinema, where you can watch various programs, news and movies.


The application has flexible settings, thanks to which, the user will be able to customize BeeTV as he likes and enjoy the broadcasts in a comfortable environment. You can pause TV shows, watch broadcasts from previous days and add your favorite channels to "Favorites". When watching, you can choose the image quality, change the orientation of the screen, and can also work when the screen is locked. There is also a timer function, if you set it, the broadcast will end at the specified time.

TV channels

BeeTV has more than 100 Kazakh TV channels, as well as Russian and European channels. In addition, there is a library of movies that you can watch whenever you want. From the negative, is that the program is a paid program, and to use it, you need to pay a subscription. After that, you will be able to watch your favorite channels, without taking into account the outgoing traffic.


  • BeeTV is an application with which you can watch TV channels directly on your mobile device or smart TV;
  • Ability to view Kazakh, European and Russian TV channels;
  • More than 100 TV channels are counted;
  • Outgoing traffic is not counted;
  • Ability to add your favorite TV channels to "Favorites";
  • To use the program you will have to subscribe for a fee;
  • Quality interface in a modern design;
  • Broadcasts can be paused, as well as view previous broadcasts;
  • There is its own library of movies;
  • Supports work with mobile devices on the Android operating system of various versions;
  • Automatically adjust to different screen sizes.

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