Wifire TV

Wifire TV
Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Wifire TV is an application in which you watch TV channels. In the software you watch video content and series from the Russian operator. The application works on TVs with Android TV and on mobile devices. Wifire TV provides viewing of TV series and movies, both in broadcast mode and in favorites mode. Watch your favorite channels and movies by setting high picture quality. The graphical environment of the application is not difficult to master and is suitable for inexperienced users who have just started using smart TVs. This video service is supported by Megafon. In this application, you can't get a discount for the "premium" mode for subscribers of this operator. For those who have Megafon, you will have to use Megafon TV

tv channels, movies and series

In Wifire TV you can watch about 180 TV channels. Choose different topics to watch and enjoy your favorite TV channels. Watch different channels on sports, music channels, movies, news and more. Most of the channels are available in HD resolution. If you buy a subscription, you can enjoy the full package of channels, but it is very expensive. After buying premium viewing mode, you get access to the media library from popular services. Do not forget that in addition to buying a subscription, you can buy movies and TV series in "piece" mode or rent them for a small fee.


The advantages of the software are a graphical environment in a simple and practical shell. In addition, a clear navigation bar, which is convenient for owners of mobile devices and Smart TV owners. If necessary, you use a Wifire account to connect five devices to watch TV. Another advantage of the application is a convenient player that allows you to pause the broadcast, "rewind" it and change the main parameters of the "picture".

Key features

  • quick selection and viewing of TV online;
  • media library with 180 channels of Russian and Western origin;
  • premium subscription and quick access to the media library of content services: Megogo, Amediateka, ivi;
  • built-in file player that provides access to content;
  • the graphical interface is suitable for beginners;
  • by subscribing, you can buy (rent) videos and also select them in "piece-by-piece" mode;
  • the software is suitable for running on the new generation Android OS.
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