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Foxy Music

Foxy Music
Category: Players
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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Foxy Music is a handy program that allows you to listen to music files in the Vkontakte social network. It is not necessary to be online. The application has a clear interface, in which any user can easily understand.

Features of the program

Download and install the application is absolutely free, and after you need to log in through your Vkontakte account, and start listening to your favorite music and audiobooks from the playlist. Listen to various audio recordings not only online, but without connecting to the network. To play music in this way, you need to first download files to cache, and then open them through the player in Foxy Music. You are bored with the songs from your page, so why not listen to the music files of your friends, and you can also visit the "Popular" section and enjoy the best songs.

How it works

Foxy Music program will definitely appeal to active users of Vkontakte social network, who not only correspond with friends, but also listen to music files. Now it is easy and convenient to listen to MP3 files. But it is worth considering that recently, the company has introduced some restrictions on listening to music, and to take advantage of the benefits, you need to pay a subscription. Therefore, users began to look for ways out of this situation, and tried to find applications that can play music for free. Now all this is possible with the program Foxy Music. Do you want to enjoy music and not pay for it at all? Then install the application on your smartphone and enjoy music as much as you want and whenever you want. In addition, there is a presented utility, something you did not like, you can download another similar program, for example VMP VK Music  

the most important

  • Foxy Music is an application that allows you to listen to music files in the social network Vkontakte;
  • Ability to listen to music, both from your own pre-list and a selection of friends;
  • Offers to listen to music from the "Popular" section;
  • Distributed on a free basis;
  • Built-in feature player;
  • Allows you to add music files to cache and listen to MP3 without an internet connection;
  • User-friendly and clear interface;
  • Compatible with Android mobile devices of current versions.
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