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VMP VK Music

VMP VK Music
Category: Players
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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VMP VK Music is an application created for listening to music files in the Vkontakte social network. Now there will be no restrictions, you can listen to music tracks whenever you want and as much as you want, and at the same time completely free. And your favorite songs can be saved in the memory of your mobile device. After downloading VMP VK Music, you will be able to listen to music files and save them, which will allow you to enjoy music even without a network connection. The program also fights any country-specific restrictions that may be in place.

How to use

To start using the app, you need to authorize on the social network page. After authorization, you can listen to the songs that are posted on your own page or listen to the music of friends, and you can also go to the "Popular" section and enjoy the most popular tracks. You can also use the search and find a particular song by keywords, and all this is possible only with VMP VK Music. To launch a track it is enough to click on it, and also in a few keystrokes to save it in the memory.

Built-in player

The application has a built-in player that is capable of playing various music files. At the same time, the developers have created a functional and modern interface. You can manage the playlist directly on the lock screen or use the keys on the headset. The built-in player allows you to see the lyrics of songs, and play songs in different order.


To use VMP VK Music, you must have the Vkontakte client installed on your mobile device. The application can be downloaded absolutely free, and there are no ads in it. Anyone can understand the program, and mastering it will not take much time. Works stably and does not "slow down" the device.

The most important

  • VMP VK Music - application is designed to listen to music in the social network Vkontakte;
  • The program has no restrictions and is distributed completely free of charge;
  • Modern and functional interface;
  • No advertising;
  • To use it you need a Vkontakte client and authorization;
  • Favorite songs can be downloaded to the memory of the device;
  • Built-in player with a convenient interface.
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