Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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SamFirm is a non-commercial (free) utility from an independent developer. By the full name of this small program "Samsung Firmware" you can easily understand that it was created to search and then install the official firmware, i.e. firmware for devices of the well-known South Korean company Samsung. A legitimate question arises, but isn't it easier to look for the necessary firmware versions on the official site of the manufacturer? And that's the point, it's not easier. First of all, a not very skillful user can easily confuse a couple of letters or numbers in the markings and cause a lot of headaches. And secondly, it is not so easy to find original, not modified software for your device. In short, it is easier to leave the software search to the program, they are closer to it. All that is required from the user is the exact model number of the device, as well as the country code of purchase. The number of the device is easy to find out on its packaging, or look in the settings menu. About the region, too, do not be frightened, if the device was bought in the Russian Federation, the country code will be "SER", for Ukraine "SEK". In other regions of the post-Soviet space, as a rule, either one or both of them work. After filling out the forms described above, you just need to put the program in automatic mode, and click on the button to search for updates (Check Updates), and SamFirm will find and then offer to download the most current version of your device firmware from the official server. Sometimes the weight of the


  • Easily search for the latest firmware from Samsung;
  • Support for most of the South Korean giant's smart devices;
  • Can not only download, built-in decryption and archiving function;
  • You can set and memorize the folder for saving software;
  • The application is easy to learn, all options fit in one application window;
  • Portable mode function.

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