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VAG COM is a utility for vehicle diagnostics and maintenance. The program performs technical analysis of vehicles manufactured by the VW concern. VAG COM scans the vehicle and checks electronically controlled units, reading and recording information in a separate file. The main function of this tool is to work with KL/KKL adapters. Most analogs diagnose only "branded" OBD dongles. The program has test statistics and scanning of suspicious places of the car.


In the main menu of VAG COM there is a list of active ECUs. The program reads data from each of them. The utility supports work with blocks that control the operation of the technical condition of the transmission and additional body electronics. With its help you code and adapt the components of the car. The main task of VAG COM is diagnostics of car breakdowns. The program is equipped with a special purpose tool that scans all ECUs and finds trouble codes in automatic mode. The utility creates a report on the codes and encodes their values in automatic mode. VAG COM displays the faults that need to be repaired first. In the ready list you view the main breakdowns. This tool looks for the ISO9141 standard and performs some OBD-II operations. The program scans for information that is not available to the KKL adapter and enables transport mode. The transport mode checks for debugging to the current software version of the electronic units.


VAG COM is used in the western market of automobile transportation. The interface of the utility is created in English. If necessary, use the localization with Russian language. This version of the program is called VCDS it does not differ from the original English version. All functions of both versions are completely identical.

Key features

  • the program scans and diagnoses breakdowns on cars of well-known brands on the Western market;
  • supports scanning with a standard KL/KKL dongle;
  • scanning and saving statistics on blocks that control the technical condition of the car;
  • diagnostics and resetting of interval parameters to factory configurations;
  • provides component selection;
  • collection and decoding of error codes from ECU;
  • the shell is simple and clear, without unnecessary windows and complicated menus;
  • the program is distributed in Russian and English localization
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