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Intel WiDi

Intel WiDi
Category: File sharing
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Intel WiDi is a driver that provides information transfer via wireless technology. The program broadcasts information from the hard drive of a device that is on the network (computer or laptop) to the "TV". The TV must have this technology. A driver broadcasts content from the computer to the TV or a third-party device. Intel WiDi transmits the "picture" to the screen of mobile devices on Android OS. On newer operating systems, this technology has been replaced by similar software - Miracast this software is installed by default in the shell of the OS Windows operating system.


With Intel WiDi, you can transfer data to your TV screen without using external hard disks or flash drives. Watch videos on your TV or projector. If your device has this technology, you don't need VGA and HDMI cables. You "transfer" the picture by using a Wi-Fi hotspot. Download and install this driver and transfer information to a remote device. Wireless Display works on a similar technology to DLNA. A DLNA server outputs data to a computer with limited formats. Intel WiDi provides full access to a remote device on the network and broadcasts information to a "second monitor". This technology is very handy for presentations. You can easily "push" data from your computer to a remote screen or projector.


Wireless Display works fully functional if the "output" device has an integrated or connected WiDi adapter. Information is transferred after pairing (activation) of both devices at a Wi-Fi access point. You confirm and establish a connection, and then broadcast files without restrictions. Intel WiDi does not work on all processors. Newer models of computing devices do not support this technology or fail for software reasons.

Key Features

  • transferring image using from a computer to the second screen of a networked Android OS device;
  • the program works after pairing via Wi-Fi access point;
  • installation of the program and its configuration in a quick mode;
  • the quality of the broadcasted picture is very high (original);
  • new generation processors do not support some functions of the program, so Intel WiDi works with failures;
  • user-friendly interface and simple shell with clear functions even for a beginner.
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