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Miracast is a technology that "streams" content using a wireless network. Users of the new Windows OS can use this feature without additional settings. Use Miracast to stream video, photos, and music from your computer to third-party devices that support this technology. Miracast transmits the "picture" from your computer screen to third-party devices using a wireless network, that is, without additional cables. "Smart" TVs, mobile devices, projectors and other devices can receive the streamed content. For broadcasting through "Miracast" does not need digital signal cables HDMI, VGA and others. All data is "transmitted" via Wi-Fi wireless technology. For a full-fledged "broadcast" of multimedia, the mobile device and the TV (another screen) must be connected to the network. Both devices ("transmitter" and "receiver") are synchronized in one access point.

Using Miracast on Windows 10

This technology, as described above, is integrated into the new Windows OS. You do not need to download and install any third-party programs. To start "broadcasting", simply open the Start menu and click on the "Settings" icon, which is on the lower left corner. Then enter the "Devices" section. This section displays all the peripherals that are connected to your computer. You need to create a connection to a new device to which you will transfer information. By clicking on the "+" key that is near the "Add Bluetooth or other device" tab, point to the "Wireless display or docking stations" section. Then wait until OS Windows, using automatic search, will detect available devices that are connected to the router. The broadcasting of "content" will start immediately if there is a device with this technology in the "network". To transmit information, press "start broadcasting".


"Miracast starts up very quickly and transmits information without problems. But this technology works with disadvantages. According to gamers, there is a "delay" of the picture when broadcasting. Because of this, you will not be able to fully play. Viewing movies, photos and listening to music - without problems. Delayed "picture" appears for two reasons: low bandwidth "receiver", possibly "transmitter" or unstable wireless network.

Key features

  • the technology is integrated into the new Windows OS;
  • allows you to "transmit" the picture to devices that support Miracast;
  • connects devices over Wi-Fi;
  • works without installing third-party software;
  • during the broadcast you will encounter a high response of the transmitted "picture".
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