Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger
Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Plus Messenger complements the official Telegram app with enhanced functionality:
  • Customization. Ability to change the size, color, avatars of the interface. Users can create unique themes and share them with others. You can install themes that have been developed by others;
  • Multimedia. Ability to share stickers and audio files directly from chat;
  • Privacy. You can hide your phone number in the side menu.
Plus Messenger is an unofficial Telegram client with richer functionality. The application is designed for Android tablets and mobile devices. Special emulators will be required to use Plus Messenger on computers. Use on Apple devices is not technically confirmed.


Social networks are gradually fading into the background, in today's world, the messenger Telegram comes first. The possibilities of the messenger are more saturated VKontakte, but users always lack cool features. If you feel the lack of useful chips when using Telegram, you should use the Plus Messenger application.


The overall set of features and security of Plus Messenger is almost identical to the original. But here you can find features that will not be present in the original:
  • Sorting subscriptions. In detail, this is the ability to sort conversations into group, private and information from publicks;
  • join a dialog, you can simply click on the avatar of the user;
  • customizing the display of chats. Built-in tools allow you to change the font size, text input field, you can also change the size of the user interface icon;
  • client design. In the list of standard backgrounds, you can choose any one and change the standard blue background to it.
Plus Messenger has a wide range of functionality that is easy to customize, since the Android version is fully in Russian.

Key features

  • Ability to manage the design of the client - change the theme, font size and user icons;
  • convenient system of sorting chats;
  • the ability to hide the phone number when communicating in group chats;
  • the ability to share media files with users;
  • setting silent mode for private or group chats right in the main screen.
  • display of system emoji;
  • nice intuitive interface;
  • compatibility with current Android OS versions.
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