360 Root

360 Root
Category: Root rights
System: Android 2.0
Program Status: Free
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The program created by Chinese developers is designed to easily obtain root rights on your Android mobile device. Now you don't need any re-flashing, you just need to install and run 360 Root. In addition to the main function, it is able to perform other, less important, but download it precisely to access advanced system settings.

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Having completed the rooting process, the owner of a smartphone or tablet will significantly expand their capabilities. He will be able to remove unnecessary system applications, modify files to which he previously had no access, install useful software that requires root rights. Thanks to the optimization of settings will improve the performance of the mobile gadget. The administrator is endowed with extensive powers, here are just a few of them:
  • removing ads from apps;
  • apk editing;
  • acceleration of the smartphone;
  • automation of frequently repeated actions.

How to use

360 Root works perfectly on many modern phone models, compatible with products of about 500 world manufacturers. Having a popular gadget, you don't have to worry about a software conflict. The software supports firmwareGingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly bean. After launching 360 Root will independently find out the make and model of the device, the current firmware, and automatically perform the necessary operations. Rooting will start after the user clicks on the "Root" button. After waiting for it to finish, it is necessary to reboot the smartphone.

Available versions

The developer of the 360 Root program is the Chinese company Qihoo 360, so the interface of the official version of the software is in Chinese, there is no localization yet. Over the translation of the menu into Russian, the users themselves worked hard, creating a separate version in an understandable language, but it is updated much less often than the "original". All necessary functions are present in it. Which version to prefer is everyone's business, but experts still advise to choose the official version, despite the lack of translation, it is quite possible to adapt to it by reading the instructions.

Advantages of 360 Root

Why the program is popular:
  • To access root rights, all you need to do is download it and click just one button;
  • determines the smartphone model and its manufacturer;
  • inexperienced users can use the Russian version;
  • suitable for most modern phones.
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