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Root rights

Temp Root Temp Root
Temp Root is a root rights utility that can be used to rename a document that includes superuser rights information. Thanks to this, it is possible to briefly hide rooting that was performed on the
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Spectrum Spectrum
An application that allows you to adjust the kernel settings of your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to advanced settings after gaining superuser rights. The app provides several
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Wifi Pass Wifi Pass
Wifi Pass is a handy app for Android devices that, once installed on your smartphone, allows you to view all saved WiFi networks you have ever connected to, as well as their corresponding passwords.
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Magisk Manager Magisk Manager
Magisk Manager - as soon as the user has a desire to use such an application, it automatically has the ability to hide the fact of having root rights from other applications. For this reason, the
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Fluid Navigation Gestures Fluid Navigation Gestures
Fluid Navigation Gestures is a program for Android devices. The utility gives you the opportunity to diversify the control of your mobile gadget by creating new gestures. Convenient navigation for
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Root All Devices Root All Devices
Root All Devices is a program for Android controlled cell phones, with which it is possible to get root rights. The program can function on different types of phones and tablets. It should be said
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iRoot iRoot
iRoot is a plugin for Android phones that allows you to become a Super Client in one click. Differing from the Root Genius plugin, there are a number of added features in this plugin. With their
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Universal Unroot Universal Unroot
Universal Unroot is a mobile client through which users can remove root rights on a jailbroken smartphone. The utility is designed for portable Andoid devices. The program will help to remove
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Root Android Root Android
Root Android 6.0 is a special utility that provides you with administrator rights on your mobile device. Using this tool, you "root" a smartphone or tablet running Android Marshmallow OS. Root
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Root Dashi Root Dashi
Root Dashi is a simple enough, but at the same time very easy to use software, with its help you can quickly and easily get superuser rights. This solution is very popular and in demand, which is
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