Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Dumpper is a program originally designed to recover a lost or forgotten password to your access point. Or not exactly to your access point... It will be useful for both the average user and the experienced specialist.


After installing and launching the program (all necessary drivers are included in the installer kit), a list of wireless access points will appear on the monitor. After selecting the desired one, you should press Skan, after which Dumpper will collect the necessary information. In addition to its main function of password selection, the program measures the current signal level, tracks the channels in use, and allows you to determine the BSSID of access points within the adapter's reach. By installing Dumpper, the user can also check his own network for vulnerability (and not only) in several ways. Attention: if the program does not work correctly, it is worth restarting it as administrator. And, of course, it will only function if you have your own connected router. A pleasant bonus: Dumpper (more precisely, a small useful utility Jimpstart, which comes with this application) allows you to restore the primary key by pin-code, usually indicated on the bottom panel of the router case. If the owner of the device has not changed the access code, you can connect to such a point easily and quickly.


Unfortunately, the program works quite effectively only with WPA protection, which is currently used only by outdated router models. Passwords are cracked by brute force, which usually takes from 3 to 15 hours. Developers of later models later took into account the possibility of such manipulations, limiting the number of password requests per unit of time, which made the task even more difficult. The firmware of some routers included a function of disconnection after several unsuccessful attempts to enter the password. In modern routers WPA is not used - more advanced methods of protection are in use.


The program is free, easy to use, functional, takes up little space and is supported by all versions of Windows. When you first get acquainted with Dumpper, you may remember the sound of castanets, the roar of bulls, the smell of dust on the streets heated by the midday sun - the interface is entirely in Spanish....

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