Extreme Injector

Extreme Injector
Category: Launchers and utilities
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Extreme Injector is an uncomplicated tool that allows you to add DLL libraries to a desired process. The application independently creates a list of running processes and performs "injection" with two mouse clicks, the main purpose of which is to hack PC games. Necessary for those gamers who are used to using cheats.


Most games for personal computers can not be "hacked" using a simple trainer. For example, in such games as Far Cry 4, FIFA 2017, it is impossible to introduce cheats, except for the replacement of DLL. Moreover, "injection" must be made in the process, which is already running, the parameters that are responsible for the list of resources and the action of independently taken mechanics, it is necessary to change the library, which is the original. Visitors to forums on this topic report that there is an opportunity to download pre-"compiled" DLL with the required settings.


When working in Extreme Injector, it is possible to embed a library into a single process. For this purpose, it is necessary to press the "Add DLL" key and select all the required files, which will be added to the window located on the right side of the function buttons. To carry out the injection, it is necessary to make a selection of the "hacked" game in advance. Press the "Select" key and specify the required process. For example, in Far Cry 4 this process is called farcry4.exe. Then you need to press the "Inject" key to start the application. The main useful differences of the latest releases of Extreme Injector program are support for 64-bit Windows systems, functionality of library injection using the "quiet" mode and availability of "Inject" options. Recently, the application has added a list of processes with active parameters and access to file uploading via "drag and drop". You should pay attention to the fact that for the Extreme Injector process to run correctly, you need to run it under an Administrator account. Installation of NET Framework 3.5

main Differences:

  • Multifunctional tool for applying cheats;
  • Accessible and easy to understand interface;
  • Compatible with Windows 64;
  • Multiple file injection options: LdrLoadDll Stub, Manual Map and Thread Hijacking;
  • Does not require payment.
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