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System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
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A program designed to improve sound quality as well as increase its volume on Android mobile devices. Another change after installing Dolby ATMOS is the integration of a global equalizer into the device. With its help, the user has the opportunity to get a surround sound by adjusting the general settings. Dolby ATMOS installation is done through the Recovery menu.

Equalizer and sound settings

To change the sound after installing the application, you can use the five-band equalizer, which has a wide range of parameters. For inexperienced users who are not familiar with this kind of adjustments, there are ready-made templates, experienced ones can save their presets there. In addition, Dolby ATMOS program embeds three useful effects in the OS:
  1. Surround Virtualizer - simulates surround sound;
  2. Volume Leveler - significantly increases the volume of quiet gadgets;
  3. Dialogue Enhancer - makes the speech of characters in movies and other artistic pictures much clearer.
All sound changes made in Dolby ATMOS apply to all software available in the system, that's why they are global. That is, the sliders set in the equalizer are active not only in the audio player, but also in any other applications of the system.

Benefits and installation

Dolby ATMOS is licensed software developed exclusively for Lenovo factory firmware. To use it on mobile devices of other brands, the developers had to work hard. Therefore, no one can guarantee its smooth functioning. But whatever the case, this software has a number of key features:
  • Increases the intelligibility of human speech;
  • Allows you to manipulate global sound settings;
  • Increases the volume on Android devices;
  • Enables the user to hear surround sound.
The installation procedure begins by opening the Recovery menu, then you need to find the line install zip from sd card. After that, you should go to choose zip from sd card, where you must specify the correct path to the archive downloaded from our site. Note that we offer for download not the English version of the application, but the russified version, which will greatly facilitate its operation.
Download Dolby ATMOS
Установку нужно производить именно из Recovery мода.
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