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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Dalgona is a special application with vintage filters. It does not have too strong differences from other similar applications within its functionality and there are only 6 filters, among which the user can choose the one he needs. It is worth noting at once that the editor is paid, there is no free period at all. By the way, even despite this, the application is very popular and has high positions in the charts of online - stores. Unfortunately, at the time when this review is written, the developer has not made a version of Dalgona for Android, however, the popularity of this application allows us to hope that in the foreseeable future such a version will still appear.

Vintage Filters

This app has only one function - to turn modern digital photos into the ones that film cameras used to take. Backlights are added, digital noise is added, and the color gamut is changed. As already mentioned, there are already many such vintage applications today, however, Dalgona boasts such authentic filters that after processing with them, the photo really becomes film-like. In addition, the app's intuitive interface also allows it to raise its level in the eyes of many users.


The Dalgona application has only one window - its workspace. That's where the app's in-app filters are applied, changing the photo in real time. There are only two function keys - cancel changes and save the work in the phone memory, everything is incredibly simple and fast. Probably due to this, among other things, the application has gained such popularity. Of all the applications that allow you to carry out such a photo styling for vintage, Dalgona is one of the best, and despite the requirement of payment, it really provides a quality service to those who become its user.

Key features

  • Allows you to apply vintage filters that stylize photos to look like the 1980s;
  • Can quickly undo the resulting changes, or save the finished results;
  • Simple and clear interface;
  • The app is paid;
  • No Android version (as of 08/21/2018).

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