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System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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LRTimelapse is a special software thanks to which any video or photos can be turned into timelapses. It contains all the necessary tools needed to process keyframes. You can customize the nature of the shift, work with many settings regarding the quality of the original clip. Importing material can be done either directly from the computer, or through extraneous programs such as Adobe Lightroom or Adobe After Effects, or directly using the camera for this purpose, directly. However, the latter option does not work with all equipment. What is timelapse? Speaking in general, it is a non-standard nature of filming, in which frames are shot at regular intervals. Then the program assembles them into a clip, in automatic mode independently filling the voids. After such processing, the clip comes out torn, but in some cases looks stylish, much more interesting than accelerated time. Also, it is worth noting that thanks to the ability to shoot the original video in 8K format, the quality of such videos turns out to be just great. Specifically, this program has several distinct advantages over other analogues, of - for which it should come to the liking of many fans of interval shooting. So, such positive aspects include the work LRTimelapse with RAW-format. Also, the program can process uncompressed photos, which allows you to significantly reduce the time to work with each such clip. And of course, it is possible to

Key Features

  • Create timelapses using keyframes;
  • Works with RAW and XMP formats;
  • Video quality up to 8K;
  • Easy to customize the time curve;
  • Many out-of-the-box solutions for intermediate animation.

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