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Miracast Miracast
Miracast is a technology that "streams" content using a wireless network. Users of the new Windows OS can use this feature without additional settings. Use Miracast to stream video, photos, and music
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Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus is a special driver (program) that provides full control, and parameter settings for audio devices (sound cards, microphone). The program has an equalizer, its own filters for
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ForkPlayer ForkPlayer
ForkPlayer is a player that requires a TV with SmartTV technology to install. With its help, online movie theaters become available, which guarantees free video viewing. The functions of the
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Black Bird Image Optimizer Black Bird Image Optimizer
Black Bird Image Optimizer is a rather simple software that allows you to perform only one task: to reduce the "weight" of graphic files. The most important advantage of the software is that it
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MorphVOX Pro MorphVOX Pro
MorphVOX Pro is a special program that can change your voice. In this case, no one will guess that it is you, because this utility changes your voice beyond recognition. The software is conditionally
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Funny Voice Funny Voice
Funny Voice is an application that allows a person to change their own voice. At the same time, no one will be able to guess that it is your voice, because the utility changes it beyond recognition.
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RealStrat RealStrat
RealStrat is a virtual guitar that was created using an incredible amount of samples. Thanks to this, the sound of the guitar is simulated as realistically as possible. In addition, you can apply
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VideoScribe VideoScribe
VideoScrible is a special program in which the approach to presentation creation has been radically revised. There are no standard slides, but sketches - drawings that look as if they were drawn with
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Remove Logo Now Remove Logo Now
The Remove LogoNow program exists to remove watermarks and other graphic elements, such as embedded subtitles, from a video. Its main advantage is that everything happens automatically. It finds the
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LRTimelapse LRTimelapse
LRTimelapse is a special software thanks to which any video or photos can be turned into timelapses. It contains all the necessary tools needed to process keyframes. You can customize the nature of
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