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Do you love music and can't imagine your life without it? You do not like monotony, but prefer to experiment with music? Bassboosted is a program that allows you to work out the sound quality, add deeper "bass" to any track. It has a huge number of advantages, created especially for you and your passion for the sound quality of music. Quite simple and clear interface is one of the advantages.

Now let's talk about everything in detail and in order:

The program is created especially for those who "feel" music and want to bring the sound to perfection. You don't need to unravel the complicated interface device, because Bassboosted program has an accessible and understandable interface for any person. You will be able to enhance the sound quality of the bass both on a certain musical segment and on the whole sound track. You have the opportunity to work both on a single musical segment and on the musical canvas from the very beginning to the end. There are no restrictions. Work with the music and rework the sound, relying on your musical taste and changing it to your liking. Apart from this feature, Bassboosted has a lot of advantages that it offers you to take advantage of. This application will be useful for real music lovers and music lovers who are not indifferent to the quality of sound. Even if you have never thought before that you will be able to change the quality of your favorite music - do not be timid, but download the application, pump music in it and enjoy the result! The program is designed for both beginners and professionals, it can satisfy any need to change the sound of music. Start small, try, experiment. Share the result with your friends and recommend Bassboosted to them.


As mentioned above, Bassboosted helps you control the power of the frequencies of your selected audio track. Bassboosted's functionality includes working with different types of frequencies: bass, midrange and treble. With a handy equalizer you can create a sound completely different from the starting one. Export and import include a huge number of audio formats. Some of them are: MP3, WAV and FLAG. Which means you won't have to worry about losing sound quality. The rather large amount of memory that the audio tracks in these formats take up is compensated by the best sound quality. The problem of lack of memory at the present stage of development of society is solved very simply. Modern gadgets usually have a large amount of memory, and there is always the possibility of buying additional memory cards. With this application you will be able to update your music playlist without downloading new music. Old songs will get a new sound. In your headphones on your morning jog, in your home music speakers, in your car - everywhere you can appreciate the changed sound quality of your favorite music. Allow yourself to savor every second of the music track. Allow yourself more. Let only quality sound be your choice. Once you have selected the music track you would like to change and added it to the Bassboosted program, you can adjust the saturation of frequencies using special sliders. As soon as you change a sound section, you will be able to evaluate the result, and if you want to change it, you will be able to use the sliders to adjust the frequency saturation in the Bassboosted program.

Good news especially for those who don't want to work with equalizer on their own: the developers of the app have taken care of you and your time. If you are ready or do not want to go over the sound quality, in this case you can use the built-in ready-made presets with optimal, in the opinion of the developer, parameters for certain genres of music: rock, hip-hop, house, instrumental music and so on. Choose the genre of your choice and apply it to different styles of music. The application gives you the opportunity to experiment and does not limit your choice of genres. Develop your imagination, combine the uncombinable and surprise your friends.


Bassboosted's graphics are user-friendly, practical, carefully designed, and meet all the requirements of modernity. All the main functions that are most often used by consumers are located on a single control panel. There are file lists, keys for working with the sound track, keys for adding new music tracks, selector for choosing music format and source folder. You will not have to understand the interface or read manuals for a long time, because the scheme of operation is simple and obvious. The interface is not overloaded with unnecessary functions, does not confuse you, does not contain "cumbersome" information that can confuse the user. Ease and simplicity are the main characteristics of using the application. Even if you think you are far away from technology and music apps, you have nothing to fear. You can use the application everywhere: at home, at work, at school, in transportation. Timely updates guarantee the improvement of the application system. You will be able to follow the new parameters and apply when working with music.

  • Main advantages or why you should download Bassbosted application
  • The ability to change the initial parameters of a given soundtrack;
  • the ability to add strength and richness to the bass;
  • the ability to work out the sound of both the lowest bass and the highest bass;
  • support for a wide range of popular and frequently used audio track formats: WAV, MP3 and FLAC;
  • the ability to listen to the created sound;
  • the ability to convert an audio track from one format to another;
  • built-in presets with recommended sound parameters for different genres of music;
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