Category: Browsers
System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Opera is one of the most popular browsers that is designed for both computers and cell phones. This browser has become very popular because it has many interesting features. But the main merit of Opera is its simple and clear interface, in which everyone can understand. It is very easy to use this browser. Everyone who has used Opera at least once can say that it is one of the most convenient and fast browsers that exist at the moment. To receive all modern updates, you need windows version 7 or higher. There are not a huge number of parameters in the program settings, which makes the setup process very simple and fast. First of all, the user will need to select the page that will be available from the start. It can be any site, from news portals, to social networks, and even youtube. But most users prefer to leave the usual express panel. It is very convenient, because it can be customized for your needs. First, you need to customize the tabs in the express panel. On it you can put all the necessary sites that are used most often. You can also change the wallpaper, as well as add a special line for the Yandex search. There is an additional panel on the left. With its help, you can get access to a variety of functions. Initially, the panel will be attached in the browser. This means that it can be accessed on any site. But if you click on the

Key Features

  • The interface of the program is very simple, but still contains a lot of features;
  • The user can set the background to any image in the express bar;
  • The browser has a built-in ad blocker;
  • Charge saver can be enabled;
  • There is its own VPN client;
  • There is a sidebar with many features. It can even be set to display messengers.
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