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Qazaqstan TV

Qazaqstan TV
Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Qazaqstan TV is an application developed for the android operating system that allows those who live in the territory of the Kazakh Republic, always be aware of the latest news, as well as indulge in online viewing of local TV channels Qazaqstan, Qazsport and balapan. The application is developed on the basis of a modern level interface, which is always easy to work with.

TV channels and their viewing

Thanks to the built-in player, Qazaqstan TV has the ability to automatically adjust the quality of the image, which depends entirely on the speed of the connection to the Internet. The next significant feature of the player is a functioning program of broadcasts, which will always notify about the arrival of a long-awaited match or favorite program, as well as set up pop-up messages seconds before the start. There is also an opportunity to view the archive with recordings of long-loved TV programs. Besides watching TV channels of Qazaqstan TV, there is an opportunity to listen to broadcasting of popular radio stations: Astana Radiosy, Shalqar Radiosy, Radio Classic and Qazaq Radiosy.

News portal

Qazaqstan TV has a specialized section, which includes all the latest news, divided into thematic subsections: commercial, economic, sports, entertainment, political, cultural, scientific and technical. The developers managed to realize the idea of voicing the news text with the help of artificial voice. From the list of standard features should be highlighted the development of personal recommendation, the function of adding news to the folder {"Favorites" and the ability to leave comments.

Main features

  • In online mode you can watch TV channels of Kazakhstan Qazaqstan, balapan and Qazspor;
  • Interactive TV program allows you to read notifications about the start of broadcasts;
  • Selections of interesting news, distributed identically thematic orientation;
  • All programs launched into the air, broadcast exclusively in Kazakh;
  • Full compatibility with android operating system versions.
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