Category: Camera operation
System: Android 2.3.3
Program Status: Free
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Camerigo is a dedicated photo editor and camera in one app. It is a perfect app for creative users. If you like using filters on your photos, this app is the way to go. With it, photos can be turned into the most real masterpieces. Downloading Camerigo allows you to no longer worry about how to make an incredible photo, the program will provide all the necessary resources for this.


Camerigo is not a standard editor because it does not only work with ready-made photos. With its help, you can take the photos themselves, and filters are applied in real time, which is something no ordinary photo editor can do. It should be noted that the application is quite smart, the filter is not displayed at once, but appears only when there is someone's face in the frame, to which it can be applied. In the catalog of the application more than a hundred filters, few similar applications can boast such capabilities. In addition, a few dozen frames even more strongly raise up the functionality of this application. Everything for which you previously had to download several applications is now available in just one. You can even turn a photo into a pencil drawing with just a few taps. The Camerigo application filters work not only with photos, but also with videos. You can work in both slow motion and accelerated modes, you can stop and continue the process, you can even create GIF files. You can even run the captured video backwards.


This application works from the 4.3 version of Android, providing the user with all its functionality, however, it is also worth remembering that in the free version it is not fully provided. To unlock all the features you will have to buy the Pro version.

Key features

  • A huge number of filters and frames in one application;
  • Work in real time, integration with the camera;
  • GIF files can be created;
  • Shooting can be in silent mode;
  • Many options to customize video quality;
  • Recording can be stopped and resumed;
  • To work requires 4.3 version of Android;
  • In the free version of the program functionality is reduced.

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