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USB Network Joystick

USB Network Joystick
Category: Drivers
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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USB Network Joystick is a driver for synchronizing connected joysticks that function on a Windows computer. The software is universal and allows you to connect gamepads from different manufacturers of peripherals. All gamepads are detected as new equipment and are configured automatically. The program will "revive" many controllers that do not work in normal mode and do not show data in XInput (only DirectInput). The program provides connection of gamepads that are not recognized by OS Windows when connected. The driver is triggered after the controller is connected to the computer. You can connect gamepads and other controllers from different manufacturers. The software works as a manager of connected devices. After installing the driver, your gamepad is automatically recognized on your computer.


On the new Windows 10 OS build, all drivers can be installed automatically using a special manager. You won't have to search for software for your connected gamepad using the web. If you have an old system "system" or OS Windows 7, then you will have to install the necessary drivers yourself. Use this software and install all the drivers for the unrecognized controller. Any device, gamepads and joysticks among others, are detected by the system after installing the appropriate driver. Be sure to disconnect the gamepad before installing the driver. After the drivers are installed correctly and the controller is connected, you will see it in the system and you will be able to play. This program does not support setting the layout and other parameters. Use third-party software like MotioninJoy or PPJoy

additional functionality

The program controls switching on and off gamepads in the list. After installing the driver, a shortcut to its features will appear on the Windows OS desktop. Using this manager, you control access to the controller. Its functions allow you to activate and deactivate the device, as well as check its status and technical parameters.

Key features

  • connection of controllers working only with DirectInput input method;
  • device manager functions are present in the driver;
  • the software supports automatic installation mode;
  • the program works on new "builds" of Windows OS;
  • the driver is distributed free of charge.
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