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Raiffeisen Online Ukraine

Raiffeisen Online Ukraine
Category: Finance
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Raiffeisen Online Ukraine is a special application in which clients of this bank are served. With its help any work with the bank becomes much easier. It is not at all necessary to go to the bank yourself to transfer money, pay a loan, or pay bills for an apartment. This is round-the-clock access to any banking services. At the same time, the personal cabinet has a very simple and concise interface.

Operations with finances

It is worth noting that ordinary banking is not all that Raiffeisen Online Ukraine on the Android platform can do. There is always available information about the balance of the card, no matter - deposit or credit. The whole list of transactions for certain periods of time is collected, which greatly simplifies the management of finances. A separate section of the application contains information and tools that allow you to manage your debts and deposits. For loans you can see the schedule of payments, as well as the date of the nearest payment, and for deposits the date of payment and on what terms the money is placed. By the way, the application itself has an electronic copy of the contract, which is very convenient. If suddenly, when managing the application there is a problem, there is a built-in chat, where you can always ask a question to support, or call the bank directly from the application.

Payment for services

This is probably the most important functionality for most people, for which many people use online banks. After all, how convenient it is to pay any bills through your cell phone! And here it can be done in just a few touches. You can pay for utilities, cell phones, television and telephone. Very convenient application, which has all the functionality necessary for a modern online - bank. Fast operation and maximum simplicity of the interface, this is what makes this application convenient for thousands of users.

Key features

  • Application from the network Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine;
  • Work with any of your accounts;
  • Ability to pay for almost any services online - mode;
  • A copy of agreements on loans and deposits;
  • The schedule of payments on loans and the date of payment on deposits are specified in the application;
  • Excellent technical support;
  • Works on all current versions of Android OS.

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