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Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera
Category: Photograph
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Selfie Camera is a photo editor for Android devices that is particularly feature-rich.

Features of the editor's functionality

The program has a large set of tools that allow you to edit portrait shots. Then they can be uploaded to the Internet. If your portable device doesn't have photos to edit, use the built-in camera. Selfie Camera corrects all external imperfections: bruises, blue lip tint, wrinkles, pale skin. In addition, the mobile client has tools that allow you to apply makeup. The camera can not always convey all the merits of appearance. Virtual cosmetics can correct this, favorably emphasizing them. Highlight your eyes with arrows and shadows, change your hair color, put lipstick on your lips and blush on your cheeks - Selfie Camera will give you that option. If you want to add a humorous touch to your photo, be sure to add stickers to it. You can also apply masks to your images in the editor. You can lighten up an overly serious photo by adding a cat face, a cute hat, or deer antlers. After spending just a couple of seconds, you can post the finished image to a social network without leaving the application interface.

Target audience of the program

The name of the client openly hints at who it is for. Women like to take selfies most of all. Therefore, most of the editor's features are oriented towards the preferences of the beautiful half of humanity. Whatever selfies you take, Selfie Camera will help you improve them by adding additional elements to the photo and removing flaws.

Main options

  • You can use a function called "silent camera" without turning off the sound on the device;
  • you can apply effects and filters to photos and add stickers;
  • removes imperfections and emphasizes the virtues of the person in the selfies;
  • You can activate the built-in timer during shooting;
  • the finished picture can be quickly shared on social networks;
  • works on all recent Android devices.

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