Category: Backup and Restore
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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Dumpster is a special application that will allow you to get back a deleted file, unless, it was deleted from it. Similar to the Recycle Bin, all files deleted from your phone are collected here. Special attention - this is not a recoverer of permanently deleted files, but just a recycle garbage can! Sometimes you need to hide a file quickly, press delete, and then regret it. Or you accidentally delete a file, so how do you recover it? Of course, restorers can help, but not always, but if the file was not deleted, but was placed in a folder from where it is not visible, everything is much easier. Besides, no more files will be deleted by accident, even if this happens, you can simply take them out of the trash and restore them to the same place where they were.

Basic functionality

Many people lacked such a function on the Android platform, now it has appeared thanks to Dumpster. By the way, if you don't want to install this application, you can recommend ES Explorer - it also has a similar shopping cart, but the functionality is much wider, it is a full-fledged explorer to replace the one on your device. However, if you are satisfied with the current one, Dumpster will be an ideal solution. Once the application is installed, moving files to the trash when deleting will be set up in automatic mode, you do not need to do anything yourself. Now, any file you delete will go to Dumpster, from where you can either delete it permanently or restore it. A big plus of this dumpster is the sorting of files by type. These are date, size, name, and most importantly file type. No more mush in the garbage cans, everything is clear and by parameters. The user can choose himself any of the sorting types that will help him find the file faster, and also allows you to select files for deletion, working with several of them at once, rather than one by one, which is much more convenient. A very handy app that lets you not worry about accidentally deleting files, and makes the final deletion easy and fast. Also, it has a feature that automatically cleans up any file it hits.

Key Features

  • Temporary storage for deleted files from where they can be recovered;
  • Sorting by different file parameters;
  • There is a function of automatic cleaning of the recycle garbage can;
  • Allows you to work with packages of files;
  • Works even with very old versions of Android;
  • The whole interface is russified;
  • The application is mostly free.

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