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Backup and Restore

Dumpster Dumpster
Dumpster is a special application that will allow you to get back a deleted file, unless, it was deleted from it. Similar to the Recycle Bin, all files deleted from your phone are collected here.
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Hexamob Hexamob
Hexamob is a special program that can come in handy for users who accidentally deleted necessary files from their phone. This happens quite often, but the solution to the problem is very simple. Many
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GT Recovery GT Recovery
GT Recovery is a mobile client designed for the Android platform, with the help of which every user can recover the data that he deleted by mistake or remembered that he actually needed
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SDCard Recover File SDCard Recover File
SDCard Recover File is a special program designed to work with SD cards. It is worth noting that it works only on smartphones and tablets that operate on the android operating system. For ios, you
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DiskDigger DiskDigger
DiskDigger is one of the useful and handy utilities in this regard. The name of the application can be translated as "disk digger". A digger is someone who searches for the hidden. The local memory
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