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Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Nowadays, there are quite a few applications that provide the most comfortable TV viewing experience. You can watch TV channels either directly on the TV or using your computer or phone. The latter often requires a special application. This is IPTVPORTAL. This application will help you to watch TV channels online.


Digital TV will only work if your Internet provider is connected to the IPTVPORTAL platform.

How the application works

The application will start working only if it finds a provider connected to the platform. However, the application will not function on all devices without exception. You should check with your provider about the possibility of using it.

Viewing channels

The application provides access to many types of TV channels. These include regional, news, entertainment and many others. You can use the available navigation to quickly find the desired channel. Favorite channels can be added to bookmarks, which will provide quick access to them at any time. The list of channels is formed by the Internet provider, and therefore it may differ for all users. Also, for the most comfortable viewing of TV channels, it is necessary to have a high enough internet speed. This will allow you to choose the highest picture quality.

Advantages of the application

  1. The ability to watch digital television of high quality.
  2. Distribution of channels by category.
  3. The need to connect your provider to the IPTVPORTAL platform.
  4. Functions to customize the quality of TV channels. Allows you to customize both image quality and sound quality.
  5. Absence of advertising resources, which allows you to watch the necessary channels without stopping.
  6. The ability to get advice from the provider about the work of the application.
  7. Free download, installation and use of the application.
  8. Functioning of the application on all versions of Android.
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