Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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SS IPTV is a player that provides IPTV television viewing. This software plays video content and is a universal player for watching IPTV channels on a mobile device with Android OS. If required, you can watch this TV on a smart TV that supports Smart TV.

Player and playlists

In this program you can watch TV on mobile device and tablet with Android OS. Full-fledged TV viewing on a portable device will be available after you download a playlist with a list of channels. Available channels for viewing can be downloaded by logging in to the resources of your provider or download it from our website. Before downloading a particular channel list you choose the required format M3U, ASX, PLS or XSPF. In the graphic design of SS IPTV there are tabs with local videos. All channel packages are available on the provider's website. If necessary, you can create your own "Favorites" list with the channels you watch most often. If you have a small child, you don't have to worry about your smartphone. Your child will not be able to see "adult content", because the smartphone with SS IPTV has a parental control setting that "hides" all data for users who do not know the access password.

Smart TV

If you have bought a smart TV from LG or other manufacturers, watching channels via SS IPTV is available without restrictions. This client is suitable for remote control operation. This application can be installed on different "brands" of TVs. Download the player and use its features for free.

Key features

  • The player plays "official" and "free" channels;
  • you can download the most popular types of playlists;
  • you can create a "Favorites" list in the application by adding your favorite channels;
  • the client has tools that protect children from watching "adult content";
  • the software has an integrated player, which has many functions;
  • you can change the design theme for the graphical shell;
  • the application can be installed on mobile devices with OS Android new version;
  • the client works on LG TVs, as well as other brands that support Smart TV;
  • this player allows you to watch IP-TV over the network and is available for free.

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