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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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TroikaDumper is a unique mobile client that makes it possible to read the contents of a Troika transportation card and overwrite it with the necessary correction of information. Users should know that for the correct and smooth operation of the application, the portable device must have a built-in NFC chip from the manufacturer NXP with support for Mifare cards. The full list of gadgets can be found on the developer's website in the GitHub repository. This version of the utility is designed specifically for portable Android gadgets. Among the main features of the utility is the ability to make changes to the "Troika" transportation card. There is support for reading the full amount of stored information and adjusting specific values at certain positions. To put it another way, the user can read any information from the plastic card:
  • account status;
  • date of last use;
  • turnstile ID.
And also make adjustments to the values of any position. Sometimes it allows you to deposit money to the balance without payment. The creators of the utility recommend that users do not replenish the balance for an amount exceeding 100 rubles, since the protocols can be modified depending on the size of the amount deposited. It is also worth noting that after each use of the adjusted value of the "Troika" will need to perform a write-off using a yellow-colored validator in urban electric transport. Users should not pay in the subway with a card that has the same time of past use, as the card will be blocked instantly.


  • The utility is based on the detection of weaknesses in the information storage format of the Troika transportation card;
  • the ability to read the full contents of the card, save and overwrite all corrections;
  • the portable device must be equipped with an NFC chip manufactured by NXP, which supports Mifare card frequency;
  • free replenishment of the Troika transportation card;
  • simple and very convenient user interface;
  • distribution under a free license;
  • support for all current versions of the Android operating system.
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