iCloud Bypass

iCloud Bypass
Category: Other (Portable Devices)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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iCloud Bypass is a utility that allows you to bypass the lock on Apple devices. This software cannot be called a "hacker". Remember that programs of this kind are not created by official developers, who do not give guarantees for their product. By installing iCloud Bypass, you are working with software without guarantees and instructions for full operation. Using software of this kind, you risk breaking your device or damaging it. The utility removes the lock on iPhone and iPad devices. The main function of the software is to substitute activation servers.

Principle of operation

According to the creators of the program, iCloud Bypass replaces DNS servers, "sending" iPhone or iPad data to a third-party activation server. As a result, when you enter an incorrect iCloud login and password, the device will receive a response from the activation page. Then you will receive a notification, clicking on which will give you incomplete access to the system. Using the software, you will face the problem of blocking DNS - servers. Some providers that provide access to the network prohibit changing DNS. The creators of the software created a switch to a local server to remove this drawback. iCloud Bypass has been developed for many years. The creators of the application noticed blocking vulnerabilities that crept into the first builds of the utility. After that, they changed the structure of its work. The new build of iCloud Bypass bypasses the blockage using a new "Captive Portal" method. You will see a page with similar features when you connect to public Wi-Fi. Its purpose is to display ads and authorize users when there is a point with a paid entrance. When operating the program, you need to remember one aspect: the device with a running local server must be "deactivated" together with the access point connected earlier. Such an operation is available in the settings menu. Then you enter new DNS for the USA, Asia and Europe.


The creators of the software report that it is fully functional, but do not guarantee that this method works on devices with iOS 6.0 - 9.0. By entering special IP - addresses on the device, you can use the network, as well as play some games.

Key features

  • the program partially bypasses iCloud blocking;
  • works on older generation iOS;
  • "creates" a local DNS-server on the computer;
  • is available to enter the necessary addresses by disabling the path to the access point;
  • available for free.

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