WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp Hack
Category: Messengers and voice communication clients
System: Android 2.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 72 058


WhatsApp Hack is a mobile application through which you can track the correspondence and activity of a handheld device. According to the developers, the main purpose of the software is to provide parents with access to their children's correspondence, as well as their geolocation and activities. This version of the software is designed for Android-based gadgets.


Developers assure that the main purpose of the utility is to provide access to correspondence in messengers of another user. In fact, not only parents can monitor the activity of the portable device, but also any other users who may well turn out to be intruders. Among the capabilities of the software, it is worth noting access not only to existing, but also to remote chats. Also with the help of this utility you can track the geolocation of the portable device.

Application operation

The main thing is that the utility does not work. During testing, there were several attempts to install it on the device, but, unfortunately or fortunately, they were not successful. It is worth noting that making attempts to install this software, and even more so to give it access to the functions of the smartphone, is categorically not recommended, since it belongs to the category of fraudulent. This application developers position it as a tool for hacking a portable device. If we consider the situation theoretically, then after launching the software, the user will receive a small report on the activity of another user:
  • number of sms;
  • calls;
  • new emails;
  • chats in messengers;
  • photos and videos.
Among other things, the utility has a voice recorder that can be enabled for recording at any time. You can also see the list of contacts and all the software installed on the smartphone of the tracking object. When switching to the web browser, users can view the full history of visits to sites.


  • The main purpose of the software is to track the activity of other users in the smartphone;
  • The declared functionality is missing, as the application itself could not even be installed;
  • it is strongly not recommended to install this software;
  • distributed under a free license;
  • all current versions of the Android operating system are supported.
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